About Us

Vara system is a software development company which started from early 2005 in Iran and now has the second branch in Germany, Our focus is on making windows/web/mobile application based on client’s businesses and ideas.

Another great service is to provide remote teams and developers to local businesses in all over the world in order to minimize the cost of project development. All developers in all over the world gathered together to deliver a world class service and create beautiful products. Hiring developers is expensive in the world. Not having the ability to manage the cost in the development phase or even running out of budget at the marketing phase is the reason to fail many start-ups. According to have expert teams, not only We can help you to reduce development phase costs but also we can be a good leader to lead you to run a lean start-up. Moreover, with the world wide pandemic situation, businesses also need to get the most outcome from Remote employees. So we are here at the heart of technology to make it easier and reasonable.